Haulidayin in Taipei and Hong Kong

It was a blast shopping in Taipei and Hong Kong! Sure, it may seem as though the same things are sold there as in Singapore, but… not really no. Prices are wildly different, I must say.

Combined haul between me and my mum! I’m actually surprised that my biggest haul product this time was… sheet masks :O

Products opened up! I actually purchased 4 more boxes of the usual MBD masks for friends but… that was before I remembered to take a picture. Also LoveMore masks for my mum.

1. Sheet Masks

Sheet masks have their own post because of how special these masks are there! I purchased them from a few brands: 1. L’Herboflore, 2. My Beauty Diary, 3. Lovemore, 4. FaceQ, 5. SexyLook. I forgot to include the Lovemore masks in the haul pic!

Here is the link to the general sheet masks (on the way!) post, and to my L’Herboflore experience.

2. Cosmetics

Maybe I haven’t looked closely enough, but I really haven’t seen brands like Banila Co in Singapore. I was about to buy Banila Co’s CC Cream on RRS, but then I saw it in Bonjour HK!

Banila Co: Whitening Moisturizing Color Control Base, i.e. it Radiant CC Cream (SPF 30 PA++)

This was purchased on sale from Bonjour HK, for 98HKD – which is about $17SGD, versus 22,000krw (~$28SGD). It was actually the cheapest I could find around Mongkok – I visited at least 5 of each (Bonjour, Colormix, and Sasa) and I found that Bonjour had the best prices more or less!

1. This handy pump dispenser provides for more hygienic access to the CC cream

IMG_47722. What the CC cream looks like, unblended

IMG_47763. What the CC cream looks like half blended

IMG_47774. Left side has no CC cream, right side has blended CC cream.
Do note that my hand is slightly tanner than my face!

First impression: ★★★★★ +++ HG LEVEL!!!!!

It’s no wonder that the Banila Co CC Cream came out as one of the top contenders on Get It Beauty – it certainly is moisturizing, provides basic sun protection, and brightens your face. Definitely dedicating a review post to this (and other CC creams) soon!

Banila Co: Prime Primer

The Classic and Hydrating primers were 96 and 104 HKD (~SGD$17) respectively. One is for my mother, one is for me – she hasn’t decided which one she likes more. The former is very much like a standard silicone primer – translucent, pore-covering, while the latter is more like an emulsion.

After trying on both products over the past couple of weeks, I’d say that for someone who doesn’t like the feeling of heavy products on her face, I prefer using the Classic one over my pore-y zone (nose, inner cheeks) only, due to its heavy silicone content. On the other hand, the hydrating one can easily be spread all over my face without any icky feeling, and holds my makeup in place throughout long days.

Note: These are quite heavily scented, as compared to the CC cream. While the initial application annoys my nose for a while, the scent eventually fades, which is fine if you ask me.

First impression: ★★★★☆

 Bite Beauty: Mix N’ Mingle Lip Minis (Luminous Creme Lipstick Duo)

Not exactly a part of my trip, but Judith got this for me in Sephora USA 🙂 It’s a beautiful Fig/Date combo, albeit really tiny.

First impression: 4half

3. Skincare

Kanebo Media UV Protect Milk (SPF50+, PA+++) and Biore UV Bright Face Milk (SPF50+, PA++++)


These were purchased in Taipei and Hong Kong respectively. The latter was around $8SGD in Bonjour HK, while it retails for ~$15.70 in Watsons Singapore.

DHC Eyelash Tonic

To be honest, these were just backup purchases for me! I noticed that 3 months of religious usage left me with 50% of the tonic – so this should be one year’s supply. Prices varied from 310 – 379NT (~$15SGD), while my previous purchase from TesterKorea was about 14,000krw (~$20SGD) – and it retails for $27.50 in Watsons Singapore.

This is a HG product for me, and will be reviewed in due time 🙂

4. Samples

Laneige: Perfect Renew Trial Kit

This gift set was purchased for my grandma, so I’m not too sure how it actually is! However, she said it wasn’t quite suitable for her sensitive skin – so I would recommend AGAINST it for people with sensitive skin.

Iope Gift Sets


I purchased two Iope gift sets for my mum – the Plant Stem Cell Skin Perfection Special Gift Set, and the Moistgen Skin Hydration Special Gift Set! Here’s what’s inside:

Banila Co: The Best Collection

Perfect for me to try everything out! I love this entire set – the deluxe-sample-sized products are great for me to bring along in my makeup pouch, especially considering how much I love the CC Cream. This set came with an extra gift, the Lip Therapy Lip Treatment Stick. Surprisingly, I love it – it moisturizes my lips like butter, and it tastes yummy!

Edit: I ended up dumping all the pictures in this post!

P.S. I just tried pairing my Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion with my Clio Kill Black Brush Liner.
O M G why have I never done this before!!! Previously I’d always have issues with smearing eyeliner due to my oily lids, and I just felt this twinge of disappointment about how my eyeliner wasn’t /pitch/ black – but now, with my HG duo, I have the smoothest, blackest, most long-lasting eyeliner :’)

L’Herboflore Sheet Masks


One of the things I was most excited about when I left for my trip was SHEET MASKS!!!

Let’s face it – lazy nights happen. There’re just gonna be some nights when I’m too lazy to spend an hour on every single part of my routine, and a sheet mask is a lazy, but a fairly great option to hydrate and nourish my skin at night. Sheet masks are, admittedly, fairly expensive if you buy them as-is, and it’s possible that they aren’t… particularly good.

That’s why I looked up the best masks around in Taipei and Hong Kong, and one name that came across as fairly exclusive to Taiwan was L’Herboflore.

L’HERBOFLORE’s mission is to offer consumers high quality skincare at affordable prices. Every detail of our products, including packaging, mask material, ingredients and fragrance, are designed meticulously to be of the highest quality.

While lots of people on r/AB recommended visiting the store at Taipei 101, I spotted one at Eslite Spectrum 🙂


It was more like a stand in a department store, but it was like mask heaven ^^’ There were shelves and shelves of various masks all over the store, and everything was so well-designed!!! All their products are designed by local Taiwanese artists.

The staff member (pictured!) (although that’s not me in the seat) who helped me was extremely friendly and was super patient with me… Considering I was bumbling around in Chinese. 2 years in JC without Chinese… and… my vocab was practically non-existent haha. I attempted to explain to her my skin concerns, and she carefully picked out a series of masks for me to use 🙂

There are more than 10 different kinds of just normal sheet masks – there are also sleeping masks, eye masks, special multi-step masks, and of course famous biocellulose masks. I did sample the clay and sleeping masks (pictured on left, above) as well.


Isn’t it pretty? ^^’


This is the brochure I received, and basically, there are 10 different series of masks:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Clinical
  • Aegean Sea
  • Good Night Angel
  • Oriental Herb
  • Queen of Four Seasons
  • Royal Countess
  • Jet-Setter
  • Garden of Venus
  • Party Sweetheart

6d9634f8-e663-4def-9cdc-4e6ec140f2b5From L’Herboflore.com

The giant box my masks were kept in 🙂

The masks I purchased! (Please click to enlarge to see the absolutely beeeaaaoooootiful designs on each mask!!)

Purchasing a box of 64 for 3000NT (between my mother and I), we received a slight discount – typically, each piece retails for 50NT / $2.20. I also received a pack of eye masks (400NT / $17.20) that’d help with my dark eye circles.

I also wanted to note – mask stores in Taipei seem to have these amazingly cute samples they slap on your hand while you frequent the store!!! The top one is their bestseller Marine Collagen Resilience Lift Mask, and the bottom is the Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Energy Biocellulose Mask. There were definitely results seen from my time spent in the store ^^’ I will be reviewing the various masks in time.

L’Herboflore can be found in Taiwan, as well as China.
Taipei Eslite Spectrum Xinyi Store, B1 No. 11
Sōnggāo Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei Taiwan