Confessions of a Beauty Blogger

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1. How many hours a week do you spend planning/writing/uploading posts?

I plan my posts all the time – whenever I’m bored, I think of anything new I can blog about. As for the writing part, that’s the long bit – I take up to a few weeks to write/edit/photograph a post. I’m not the kind of person who likes to sit down and finish a post at one go, I tend to edit my posts over a period of a few days – not consecutively though. There are actually 3-4 posts in my drafts right now!

2. Are you a spender or a saver?

…Neither? Or both? I love saving money – I find as many discounts and coupons as I can to save on my hauls. I don’t do it to the extent that I’m breaking the manufacturer’s banks, but more like finding the best deals on the internet? Instead of buying things in Singapore stores, I find them online. Products shipped directly from Korea, for instance, are much cheaper (even with shipping). On the other hand, because of how much I save -> how much cheaper the products are, I tend to buy more products… Which equates spending more D: So I’d probably spend as much as any other beauty addict does on new products… But I get more products!

3. When is it easiest for you to write your posts?

In the afternoon! I’m not a morning person, so that’s completely out, but I tend to study at night. The afternoon tends to be this lazy time for me, and it’s when I feel the most relaxed and can type out a post easily. If you’re talking /when when/, it’s probably when I get new products and they turn out to be amaaazing (or really terrible!)

4. What makes writing posts comfortable for you?

When I’m really happy/upset with the product I’m reviewing. With all the emotions running in my head, I’m able to pen my thoughts down much more clearly, for some strange reason!

5. What’s your worst makeup/hair habit?

…I should probably wash my concealer brush more often. As for my hair, sometimes I’m too lazy to apply conditioner, so it gets really tangled!

6. What’s one quote you wish the world would live by?

I don’t really like basing ideas on quotes… But as much as possible I try to live my life on the principle of relative fairness.

7. How long do you spend getting ready everyday?

My daily makeup takes about 15-20 minutes, if I’m fast! The 2 longest portions of my makeup routine are usually applying CC cream, and applying eyeliner (ugh hate it when I mess up :(). If I’m just running out for a quick errand, it’s probably <5 minutes, since I’ll only apply sunscreen and concealer.

8. What’s your favourite post on your blog?

None yet!

9. Who is a beauty blogger that you think deserve more subscribers that they have?

Everyone I’ve encountered here on WordPress 🙂

10. What’s one thing you’re excited about in the coming year?

Definitely excited to start university in August! It’s a brand new era in my life, and there’re so many new things I’ve got to try.

11. What has been your favourite blogging moment?

At this point in time, probably the first time my blog hit >100 views a day! I shared a review of my DHC Eyelash Tonic on reddit’s r/AB for the first time, and it got 10x as many hits as the day before. Patiently working my way up to the day that I’ll get that many steady views a day!

12. How long does it take to prep for a post?

For a photo post with > 10 photos, it takes me about an hour to take the photos and to edit them. Writing the post definitely takes longer!

13. Are you wearing jeans/skirt right now or are you wearing pyjama bottoms?

I’m being lazy in home clothes! T-shirt and shorts woohoo

I’m tagging anyone who’s a beauty blogger and reading this! 🙂

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